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There are several lakes on the Marsh that have been created by flooding the deep pits left from previous quarrying. One of the largest forms the main feature of Mercers Country Park and it is on Mercers Lake that the Aqua sports company runs courses for adults and children in dinghy sailing, canoeing and windsurfing from novice to advanced level. The lake is well stocked with fish for the private angling club that also uses it.

The national cycle track cuts across Nutfield Marsh and is popular with enthusiastic cyclists as well as families with children.

The Nutfield cricket club was founded in 1869 and has been playing on the Marsh for over a century. With their own pavilion and carefully tended pitch , they have a good turnout of cricketers every weekend during the summer.

At any time throughout the year you can also find bird watchers, dog-walkers, ramblers, joggers and horse-riders using the Marsh, even the more unusual sight of tame hawks being exercised is not uncommon.


Nutfield Marsh Nature reserve comprises four wetland reserves formed from former sand workings and is a haven for a wide range of birds. The area is easily accessible from a network of paths. The flocks of overwintering lapwings have long been a sight on the fields hence the use of a lapwing for the residents group logo.

The hares that were once hunted with hounds in the early part of the last century are sadly no longer to be seen but rabbits are still plentiful along with foxes. Snakes can be observed if you know where to look for them and badgers, weasels and deer are spotted now and then.

Two of the smaller ponds on the Marsh are home to the rare Great Crested Newt. This endearing little creature with its distinctive orange underside will crawl several hundred yards from the water to find a suitable place to hibernate and it is not unusual for local residents to discover them tucked away in their gardens.