Scrap The Plan


The aim of this website is to share with others the many and varied delights of this unique area, and also to bring to your attention a very real and imminent threat to its future. The present landscape is the result of many years of extensive quarrying; the grassy hills where sheep now graze are actually rubbish filled holes with a thin layer of topsoil, and the numerous lakes are deep flooded pits left after quarrying. Nature reserves have been formed as the land has been slowly restored which provide a haven for a wide range of birds and animals. The Marsh now finds itself a host to a wide range of sporting and recreational activities.

Unfortunately, as the Marsh finally settles down and matures after generations of quarrying (and the scarring this causes), we are potentially faced with decades of upheaval again.

Only very recently did the lorries carrying sand stop thundering across Nutfield Marsh and up School Hill to turn onto the A25. Sadly the threat is upon us again as the Government requires more mineral extraction. A vast area of Nutfield Marsh has been designated as a potential site. This will not only affect the small community who live on Nutfield Marsh but the accompanying huge increase in lorry movements on the A25 will impact significantly on the surrounding area. The Nutfield Marsh Residents Group are monitoring the quarrying application and doing our best to fight it but we are literally just a handful of individuals and at some time in the very near future your help will be needed. Specialist advice costs money and we are constantly trying to raise the funds needed. The monies raised from occasional plant sales and garden openings, the yearly bike ride barbeque and some very generous residents has been crucial in paying bills. Please try to support our fundraising events - raising sufficient money to continue the fight will always be a struggle but if we do nothing then in future years a large part of Nutfield Marsh will literally become a huge, noisy, dusty Industrial site. We will endeavour to keep this website updated with forthcoming developments but if you can offer any support be it financial, technical or legal knowledge or simply moral support, it would be very welcome. The Quarrying link will explain the situation in more detail.

Not all is gloom and doom however, as there is much to see and do on Nutfield Marsh, as can be seen on the Activities page.

The Marsh changes with the seasons; in Winter it is always that bit colder than surrounding areas with dramatic morning frosts and mists but in Summer it comes alive with all sorts of activities and the Sun seems to linger that bit longer before it finally disappears behind Reigate Hill in the distance. We are very fortunate to live in such a beautiful place - the ground beneath it has given much over the years. It is surely time to finally leave it in peace.

If you would like to comment on this website or think of anything else that could be of interest, particularly old photographs of the Marsh and the earlier quarrying, please contact us.

Ray and Ted Winder